SUMMER is here, and that always signals a time of increased activity for me. Not because I have any additional 'time off' to work on music, but mostly due to the fact that I am strangely energized in the Summertime; I just cannot sleep. And sleeplessness is a great ally to working on music!

The past month has been quite surprising with hundreds of digital downloads of MCP; something I certainly never expected! I am so excited to see some feedback to at least indicate that there actual people out there in the Digital Aether that enjoy this stuff ...

So, the current AS FOLLOWS plate looks like this:

FOUNDATION. Just waiting on drums for the final song and then we move over to vocals. Behind schedule, but it WILL see light of day. Secured the great Kurt Borst once again for vocals, and I am really looking forward to putting this one to bed!

FOUNDATION AND EMPIRE. The Symphonic Folk album is a GO! Now that the primary tracks are all but complete for FOUNDATION, I can relegate my primary focus on FOUNDATION AND EMPIRE and then work on FOUNDATION in my 'B' time ... (aka, my daily commute time to and from work). I am very excited to start working on the Symphonic Folk album; it will be a refreshing change to put the electric guitars in the back seat for a while and see if I can come up with something new. :)

WORLD OF TRON. Playing 'round with some hooks for the follow up to MCP; not entirely sure when the next WoT song will be out, though.

VOYAGER II. The epic, ambient synth instrumental is also a Go and I have secured several online collaborators from around the globe to contribute! 30 week production schedule with a February release is planned. Maybe mix this one in analogue? Hmm...

SUPER-PROG ALBUM FOR 2017. Title still unknown, it will be 4-6 very long, very proggy songs. First song is halfway written already. I am really taking my time with this one, I want it to be special. Probably a late 2017 release but hopefully worth the wait. It will NOT have an over-arching concept but be separate, self-contained songs.