Where do we start?? It's been several weeks since there has been time to work on the web site, blog, etc ... but we are now back!

AS FOLLOWS has released its first single, MCP. It is based on the original Tron movie and will be officially released in the month of May. 

Here's a quick recap of what's been going on in the AF camp:

Work continues on the follow up to Galactic Entropy. We are now working on the drums to the penultimate track, furiously writing lyrics and vocal melodies, and hope to have this album out later this year. The entire project has proven to be much harder than I had originally envisioned so it has slowed it down a bit; hence the release of the single to tide things over while we complete the larger work.

Foundation is broken into 5 parts; I am still debating whether to release it as separate tracks or a single, 30-minute long piece ... I will see how the mixing goes, I guess. I may do something similar to Fire & Fear and it will available in both formats, depending on your endurance level lol.