Greetings and salutations! A couple of crazy-busy months have gone by, but AS FOLLOWS is still in FULL SWING. Several news items worth mentioning, so let's get right to it!

:: VOYAGER II. This album is progressing at a very nice, steady pace. Expected release date is late February 2017, to be followed by FOUNDATION and FOUNDATION AND EMPIRE just afterwards. 2 of the 6 songs for VOYAGER II are complete, the third song is in the works now, and 5 of the 6 songs are written; it is my sincere hope that the final part will be written this weekend, and then it's just waiting on my collaborators to turn in their parts. This project has been a JOY thus far and everything sent in from the international cast of collaborators has been intriguing and inspiring. Starting the motion set forth with Galactic Entropy, which was a mix of guitar and heavy synths ... continuing on to MCP, which is 100% synths but I played all of the parts on an actual guitar ... to VOYAGER II, wherein I play ZERO guitar; my contributions to VOYAGER II are purely played on keyboards. It's been a fun and educational experience, but ...

:: FOUNDATION. ... but, everything rebalances. FOUNDATION sees a return to guitar-driven songs. This is the heaviest guitar to appear on an AS FOLLOWS release to date; the overall mood of the album is, in fact, very dark and mid-tempo. It has a few twists and turns, but mostly sets up a mood and stays there. While being a lot less technically flashy than Arthur Gordon Pym or MCP, it established a mood and just stays there. Very dark percussion loops, moody synths, and very distorted guitar parts dominate FOUNDATION. All of the songs are written and we are in the lyric/vocal stage now. The plan is to release this album March/April 2017.

:: FOUNDATION AND EMPIRE. Very serious thought is now being given to the sequel to FOUNDATION. In keeping with the pendulum swinging that is AF's music, FOUNDATION AND EMPIRE will be acoustic based. It will have a low track count, probably just 3 tracks.


:: MARGINALIA. This will be my attempt at super-neo-prog. Half of the first song is already written. 15/8 time. Key of B Major. Fun stuff!