GALACTIC ENTROPY is the first installment of the FOUNDATION TETRALOGY.

The next few blog posts will cover the concept, arrangement, writing, recording, and mixing of the upcoming 'single'.


Since tradition was being broken in every other aspect of GALACTIC ENTROPY, that theme was carried over into the recording process as well.

The synth tracks were layered and layered until there was a dense, 'wall of sound' type of background ... in some instances there are as many as 14-15 synths playing at once!

Over that bed were numerous overdubs of the anaolgue lead synth parts; sometimes as few as 2, but more often 4-8 lead synth tracks were recorded.

As I did not want to reamp the bass guitar, it was recorded live to replace the demo bass. This was to be the last recording with my old workhorse bass: an unnamed 20 year old Squire Bronco -- a very cheap bass guitar that I modified with a Stew-Mac P bass pickup (which I accidentally installed backwards!).

For the past few years I have been reamping my guitar tracks; that is, recording them straight into the computer and then feeding that track through a more traditional guitar amplifier and microphone at a later date, re-recording that signal in place of the direct one.

For GALACTIC ENTROPY I wanted to play the guitar parts LIVE. This also translated to my choice of amp used, speaker cabinet, and microphone. I even recorded the guitar with all its effects on it, instead of layering them in when mixing.

(Little did I realize exactly how big of a headache it would be to mix all of this stuff together!)

Once the parts were recorded, it was time to make a rough and send it along with all my notes to Claire for final drum tracks. At the same time, I started working on the vocal lines and lyrics for Kurt.

The entire process was super smooth and I think I recorded all of the tracks and had drum and vocal tracks back within a month. Kurt ended up sending me thirteen separate vocal tracks, so even more layers to add!