GALACTIC ENTROPY is the first installment of the FOUNDATION TETRALOGY.

The next few blog posts will cover the concept, arrangement, writing, recording, and mixing of the upcoming 'single'.


Each of the 5 sections of GALACTIC ENTROPY followed the same basic structure:

FIRST, the tempo was set. Once I slaved the Arturia Beatstep to my DAW (digital audio workstation), I played round with various melodies until I had a melodic loop that I liked.


SECOND, the drum parts were sketched out using Logic Drummer.


THIRD, I selected what sounds I wanted for both the backing, foundational chords, as well as the 'lead' parts. Almost exclusively, I used digital ROMpler synths for the chords and analogue synths for the leads.


FOURTH, I wrote the bass lines and recorded the basic bass track.

FIFTH, I wrote the guitar parts. Since I really wanted to challenge myself this time out, I chose to tune my guitar to Gm/B-flat and had to teach myself all the necessary chord shapes. I took meticulous notes for the guitar parts as I also wanted to challenge myself with the recording process ...